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Florida Virtual School INFO for Home Educators


Florida Virtual School-(FLVS) Website for Home Educators:

  • Questions? Call FLVS office at (407)-317-3326 
  • email FLVS at:

To register for courses at FLVS, home-educated students must provide FLVS with verification from their district that the student is registered with their district as a home educated student.

FLVS Guide for the Home Educated Student

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Steps to Begin the Journey with Florida Virtual School

NOTE: The following are excerpts from the FLVS Guide for the Home Educated Student


In order for a student to take courses with FLVS, he/she must meet one of these enrollment requirements:

1. Enrolled in a Florida Public School

2. Enrolled in a Florida Private School with FLVS affiliation

3. Registered as a homeschool student with their district


For homeschoolers to begin their journey with FLVS they must be registered with their school district’s Home Education Department.

FLVS requires documentation confirming this registration.

A Letter of Confirmation from the district is required to be faxed to FLVS prior to any placement in FLVS courses.


Enrollment Process

If the student does not already have a Student Account, they can create one at:

To request a course, the student must go to our website at  

  • log in to their student account
  • fill out the online Course Request Form by clicking on "Request New Courses".

After the student has requested course(s), the parent/guardian must create a Guardian Account and approve the student’s course selection(s).

To create a Guardian Account please visit:

Once the courses are selected and guardian approval is applied, the parent/guardian must fax a copy of their Home School Confirmation Letter to (407)-317-3338.

Enrollment in an FLVS course is dependent upon space available. As seats become available, we will continue to place students throughout the school year. Please continue to check your FLVS account and external email for updates to your placement status.


Upon Teacher Assignment

FLVS students are guided through their courses by state certified instructors. At any hour of the day, FLVS students may log into their class, and submit work to be graded. Teachers evaluate student work and send back grades and comments. Teachers are available to students via phone, email, and other communication media for progress up dates, answer questions, oral assessments, and to provide additional support.

Before students begin a course, teachers make welcome phone calls to discuss course details including pace expectations and materials required for the course, if necessary.


More To Know About Florida Virtual School


What if my child was attending a physical school when he started with FLVS, and he/she is now homeschooled.

Is there anything I need to do now?

Students must change their academic profile to Homeschooled and fax a copy of their confirmation letter to our office at (407)-317-3338.

For additional information please contact our customer service representatives at (407)-317-3326.


What if my child wants to return to a public or private school?

Any student who is within the compulsory attendance age has the right to enroll in a public school. Current district policies and State Board Rule 6A1.09941 govern the grade placement of the home education student. Please note that all course work must be validated by examination or scholastic performance as determined by the student’s district. Students returning to the public or private school must meet all requisite high school graduation requirements of that school or district, including the FCAT (for Public schools).


How can I get a copy of my child’s FLVS official transcript?

Students may print an unofficial transcript from their Cumulative Academic Report.

Students may request an Official transcript at our website:


What is my student’s FLVS GPA?

Since FLVS is not a school of record we do not calculate student GPA.


If I have more questions about FLVS, who do I contact?

Students and Parents may contact our office at (407)-317-3326

or via email at


The laws and information provided in the FLVS Guide are as current and accurate as possible. Legislation is passed frequently, thus causing changes to laws and policies. The FLVS Guide is only recommended as an educational resource and NOT as legal advice.

Families should contact your FPEA District Director for the most current information or the specific interpretations made by your county officials.

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