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This site was created for parents and students new to homeschooling who need an easy one-stop website with useful website links and printable documents to help create or improve homeschool portfolios quickly and easily. Below are FREE PDF documents to download and get started.

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 Homeschool Support Organizations


Contact Pinellas County Schools - Home Education Dept.

NOTE: This website is not affiliated with Pinellas County Schools. Information below has been provided by Pinellas County Schools.

website:  /  Home Education Webpage

Mail - Pinellas County Schools, Attn: Home Education   

301 Fourth St. SW, Largo, FL 33770   [ Map/ Directions ]    

Phone: (727)-588-6209   Fax: (727)-588-5171     E-Mail:     


Requirements to Home Educate in Pinellas County Florida

 [ Requirement 1]

Mail a Notice of Intent to Home Educate to the Pinellas County Schools, Home Education Department.

Make sure you keep a copy for yourself and file it with your official Homeschool Records.

To have a record that your letter was received, you may choose mail your letter certified for a fee at your local post office.

Please Note - Form below is provided by Pinellas County Schools.

Download FREE form - Notice of Intent to Establish a Home Education Program

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FAX TO: (727) 588-5171


After you receive your "Letter of Acceptance" you will officially be enrolled in the Home Education Program. Please note the acceptance date, that is the starting date of your student's home education year. Your annual evaluation due dates are based on your acceptance date. It is recommended that you keep each student's original Letter of Acceptance and file it with your official Homeschool Records. This document is your proof of school enrollment and may be needed to obtain special homeschool discounts on books and educational materials or to register for FREE online courses at:

Florida's Virtual School-(FLVS)      >Get Free PDF Guide for Home Educated Students

 [ Requirement 2] 

Maintain a "Log of Educational Activities" Educational instruction MUST be logged at the same time it is actually happening.

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What your Home Education Log should include:

  • List reading materials used--include: book titles and authors, the number of pages and chapters read, also workbooks, encyclopedias, and any other reading materials such as newspapers, magazines, booklets, etc.
  • List all other educational activities--such as: learning done via a chalk board, flash cards, computer, internet, library, museums or field trips. 
  • List real world learning and activities--such as: cooking, baking, calculating household measurements, counting money, swimming, nature hikes, and any other type of real world learning. You can also note the educational skills learned: reading, math, physical education, etc.

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Get FREE "Quick Start Kit"   

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FREE Documents in "Quick Start Kit" to help with your Home Education requirements.

Log Cover Sheet

Daily Educational Log

Book List

Portfolio Cover Sheet

Photo Samples Sheet

Photo Samples Sheet

Records Cover Sheet

Folder Labels

Other Educational Sources

The documents shown above are available for download in the "Quick Start Kit" below!


Get FREE "Quick Start Kit"

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 [ Requirement 3]


Maintain "Portfolio Samples of Educational Activities" for each home educated student's educational year. Portfolio should include: 

  • List of Books the student has read that school year and is currently reading. (include titles and authors) 
  • List of other educational materials or resources used such as: flash cards, computer CD's, Video, Audio CD's, etc.
  • "Portfolio Samples" of all writing, (handwritten, typed, or computer) workbooks, worksheets, photographs, paintings, drawings, charts, graphs, creative projects or any other educational materials used or developed by each student.


[ Requirement 4]
Make your "Portfolio" Samples and Log available for inspection upon 15 days written notice.
NOTE: typically "new" homeschoolers are asked to provide Home Education samples.

[ Requirement 5]
Yearly Evaluations - Homeschoolers MUST have a certified Annual Evaluation every year for each home educated student and mail it to Pinellas County Schools Home Education Department.

It is recommended that you keep a copy of each student's annual evaluations and file them with your official records kept in a secure location.

Click HERE for PDF List of Evaluators

[ Requirement 6 ]
Preserve each student's portfolio for two years.  


[ Requirement 7] 

Submit a "Termination Letter" when a student withdraws from or completes the Home Education program.

Click Here to download FREE form -- to Terminate Home Education  

Mail to 



Homeschool "Quick Start Kit"


The Pinellas Homeschool Help "Quick Start Kit" is a collection of printable documents to help new homeschoolers get started with a home education program. A PDF reader is required to view this document. 

Forms in the "Quick Start Kit" include:

  • Binder Cover sheet - (Portfolio Samples)
  • Binder Cover sheet - (Log of Educational Activities)
  • 5-Day LOG of Home Education Activities sheet
  • Reading List LOG sheet
  • Other Education Sources List LOG sheet
  • PHOTO sample Subject Sheet 
  • Binder Cover sheet - (Homeschool Records)



Click HERE to download the 10pg "Quick Start Kit" 

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Pinellas County Schools Offers K-12 Learning Guides


It is important to note, homeschoolers are NOT required to follow the Pinellas County Public School curriculum. However, many new homeschool parents don't know where to start and find the Pinellas County Schools' Student Expectations helpful because they provide a state approved educational benchmark that homeschoolers can choose to emulate, customize or discover their preferred areas of learning.

The Pinellas County Schools' Student Expectations are learning guides -- developed to help Pinellas County students, grades K through 12, focus on the nine core subject areas of study. These guides describe the essential content knowledge, reasoning, performance or skill that students should know and be able to do. Pinellas County educators developed the Student Expectations based on current research, the Florida's Sunshine State Standards and national standards. 

9 Core Subject Areas of Study 

Homeschoolers can use these subjects as a guide to structure their learning and to organize their logs and portfolios.

  • Language Arts (Reading, Writing and Grammar)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Visual Arts
  • Health Education
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Social Studies 
  • *Foreign Languages *(Starting 3rd Grade for Advanced Students "Magnet School" Levels)

 Student Expectations (PDF) Booklets

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